Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week 11 ~ Cataloging, Part I

This week we're focusing on reading about cataloging. Below are some of the questions that our instructor has put on the discussion board to stimulate conversation about a very "dry" topic. She has also told us that we may feel free to come up our own discussions.

K&R refers to our book, CATALOG IT! A Guide to Cataloging School Library Materials (2nd edition) by Allison Kaplan and Ann Riedling.

From our Instructor
K&R [p.2] say our materials should "accurately reflect the academic and leisure reading needs of our learning community". Do you think with budget slashing, both need should be given the same weight?

K&R [p.13] talk about curriculum mapping - have you seen it in your schools - or schools in which you have observed?

K&R [p.45] mention reading programs like Accelerated Reading. What is your opinion of these?

K&R [p.70] say that YA fiction can be hard to catalog if you haven't read it . What is the LMS's obligation to read the fiction she catalogs?

K&R [p. 89] discuss graphic novels, genre fiction and the like being placed in separate categories for ease. They say, "If we are trying to make independent library users of our students, before messing with assigned numbers, we should ask, 'What is more important, information literacy skills or quick access?'" What do you think?

Reading this material has been a great refresher for me since I took cataloging a few years ago.  One thing I use as a cross check when I'm stuck is the Library of Congress, after all, they are the Grandaddy!

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